• By common endeavor
    We can raise the country to a new greatness,
    While a lack of unity
    Will expose us to fresh calamities.

Our Causes

You can help lots of people by donating little. See our causes.
Education to Every Child

Education to Every Child

With a vision to provide education to some weaker section of society where people do not have resources to educate their children, we initiated our service where we go and teach.

Primary School for Kids

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment has been one of our top agenda towards serving the society. Initiatives are taken time to time to ensure we are continuously working towards this goal.

Patient and Family Support

Patient and Family Support

We run health awareness campaigns with the help of health professionals and doctors to ensure un-reached and under privileged section of society can get benefit.


How you can help

Numbers of Volunteers

More number of volunteer means
more number of people served

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Number of Projects

We are serving to Education,
Livelihood, Women Empowerment etc.

People Connected

We are serving our people to ensure
they live with respect and dignity.


Where the
money goes

Current operation and program
spending breakdown

  • Education and Prevention
  • Trauma Care for Children
  • Women Empowerment
  • Health & Wellness
  • Better Livelihood of Families
Education and Prevention
Trauma Care for Children
Women Empowerment
Health & Wellness
Better Livelihood

Our Blog

How Does the Bible Define Poverty?
Women’s empowerment in India

Women’s empowerment in India is heavily dependent on many different variables that include geographical location (urban/rural), educational status, social status (caste and class), and age. Policies on women’s empowerment exist at the national, state, and local (Panchayat) levels in many sectors, including health, education, economic opportunities, gender-based violence, and political participation. However, there are significant gaps between policy advancements and actual practice at the community level.

Together, We Can Make a Change in Education

It's damn true, The students who do not get primary education in the right direction, can't perform well in secondary school so being a child education NGO in Delhi, Sardar Patel Vision Foundation decided to execute Nursery, Primary and Secondary education in the right direction to underprivileged children. Children are excluded from education for several reasons and poverty is one of the most obstinate barriers. Children from the poorest households almost five times more likely to be out of primary school than those from the richest.

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